Product Description

Pencil is a compact linear luminaire using an advanced high-quality LED light source. It simply features a compact trapezoid shape bar with a horizontal stripe pattern. The luminaire is specially designed for the continuous linear light effects when connected in series. White, RGB and Tunable White color temperature are available. An adjustable bracket or mounting clip that situated inside the body is optional depending on the installation environment. IP67 rated cable connectors and cables are also concealed internally for a clean and simple appearance. With the IP rated protection class, it provides excellent waterproof performance while keeping a compact size.

Product Features

· High-performance LED module
· 3-step MacAdam ellipse (3000K, 4000K, 5000K, Tunable White)
· PCB increment 98mm
· Clear polycarbonate or Diffused polycarbonate
· Extruded aluminum, Silicone potted
· 150˚ tiltable adjustable bracket available
· Mounting clip available
· Non-exposed wire and connector
· Silver anodized
· Protection class IP66
· 24Vdc remote driver
· LED color temperature optionally 3000K or 4000K or 5000K
· LED available with RGB or Tunable White color change
· On/Off Switchable or DMX or DALI control available

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Projects using PENCIL
ⓐ 노량진 지하배수로
ⓑ 월미바다열차 박물관역, 인천
ⓒ 나무호텔, 서울