Product Description

Pencil Air is a compact linear luminaire using an advanced high-quality LED light source. It is characterized by a neatly compact shape of rectangular aluminum body. The luminaire is specially designed for the continuous linear light effects when connected in series. RGB and diverse color temperatures are available with a high lumen output LED light source. PENCIL Air gives a various mounting accessories and waterproof connectors and also provide an optimal solution by using a masking plate or mold for the environment of use. With the IP rated protection class, it provides excellent waterproof performance while keeping a compact size.

Product Features

· High-performance LED module
· PCB increment 98mm
· Clear polycarbonate or Diffused polycarbonate
· Extruded aluminum, Silicone potted
· Silver anodized
· Protection class IP66
· 24Vdc remote driver
· LED color temperature optionally 3000K or 4000K or 5000K
· LED available with RGB
· On/Off Switchable or DMX control

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Projects using PENCIL AIR
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